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Imagine a world where confidence replaces fear, stability supersedes crisis,
and children are given the safety and care they deserve.

Our comprehensive training and consulting services equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively protect the children in their care.

Training Options

Many Options, One Goal: Ensuring Child Safety


Choose Your Topic and Learn at Your Own Pace

Enjoy utmost flexibility and convenience with our e-learning modules. They include engaging, interactive content and practical exercises designed to enhance understanding. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Recorded Webinars

Access to a Wealth of Expert Knowledge

Access expert knowledge at your convenience. Rewind, fast forward, pause – learn in your style and on your time. We have webinars covering a range of topics, each designed to deepen your understanding of child safeguarding.


Public & In-house: Live Discussions with Industry Experts and Peers

Engage in real-time with experts in child safeguarding. Seize the opportunity to clarify queries instantly and network with like-minded individuals. They are ideal for up-to-the-minute insights and direct engagement with subject matter experts.


Public & In-house: Comprehensive and Interactive Training for Your Team

Immerse yourself in comprehensive, interactive learning experiences. Benefits include deep dives into topics, collaborative learning, instant feedback, tailored advice and relationship-building with industry experts peers.


Tailored Strategies and Expert Support

Access personalised strategies and solutions. With our expert guidance, you can navigate child safety risks proactively and confidently. Benefits include expert guidance, ongoing support, and a proactive approach to managing child safety risks.

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United in the Cause: Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Top-Tier Organisations

Commit to Excellence in Child Protection with Safeguarding Children

A Bold Investment in Our Future, a Defend of Your Reputation, and a Salute to Your Dedication to Child Welfare.

Safeguarding Children

Charities Number: CC49059
NZBN: 9429043276134

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