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Supporting You To Keep Children Safe


It’s not your burden to bear alone – You’re part of a supportive community around a child – understand your role and share the responsibility

We're here to help you help them...

We get it. You’re on the front line with children who need your focus, your attention, your expertise.

Sometimes, it feels like there’s no time or energy left to learn about anything else, even if it’s critically important.

That’s exactly why we’ve designed our training to be efficient and effective, giving you the necessary skills to manage child safety concerns in a time-conscious way.

We know that one of your biggest fears is damaging relationships – with the child, with their family, or with your community.

This is where our training makes a difference. We provide practical strategies to handle these difficult situations with confidence. Our aim is to help you ensure child safety while maintaining vital connections.

Remember, while it may feel isolating, you’re not alone in this. We’re here to support you.

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Training Options to Suit Your Needs


Our on-demand courses are tailor-made for time and budget-savvy staff and volunteers like you, giving you a solid foundation in safeguarding children without breaking the bank or your schedule.


Scheduled throughout the year, or tailored to your organisation’s needs, these interactive sessions offer real-time guidance from experienced instructors where you get tailored advice for your specific challenges.


Get the best of both worlds with our interactive, cost-effective and collaborative webinars. Without leaving your home, engage in group learning, participate in workshops, and save on time and travel costs.

Recorded Webinars

Explore specific topics at your own pace with our recorded webinars. Gain deep insights into topics of interest whenever it fits your schedule, offering you a flexible, tailored learning experience.

Take the Lead:

Advocate for Child Protection in Your Workplace

Encourage your leadership team to reach out to our experts at Safeguarding Children.

We provide invaluable guidance to create workable and robust policies and procedures, making it easier for you to navigate these challenging situations.

Remember, you have the power to request more support and initiate positive change in your workplace. You’re not alone in this, and together, we can make a difference

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Benefits of Working With Us

Empower Yourself

Grasp child protection laws, policies, and systems to navigate confidently and take the necessary actions.

Prevent Burnout

Master practical skills and tools to handle worrying situations effectively, reducing your stress and risk of burnout.

Clarify Your Role

Gain clarity and confidence in your responsibilities and those of others to foster an effective and efficient response system.

Let's team up!

We’ll support you to reduce stress, increase confidence, and make a lasting impact with effective strategies for safeguarding children

Safeguarding Children

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NZBN: 9429043276134

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