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Code of Conduct Recorded Webinar

This course includes a digital download of our resource Guide to Creating a Safeguarding Code of Conduct which you will need while listening to the webinar.

Working with children and young people is a privilege. Children deserve to be safe as they participate and thrive. Parents and carers rely on the people working and supporting their children to behave in ways that keep their children safe and encourage their development. Police vetting alone will not identify people who are inappropriate or unsafe to work with children; this is why a child-focused Code of Conduct is so important.

Many organisations under estimate the importance of a Code of Conduct which is vital in keeping children safe and organisations safe for children.

What will I learn?

  • Safeguarding Code of Conduct guidance and development from leading national experts.
  • Planning code of conduct content.
  • What are the best practice behaviour expectations for those working with children.
  • In what contexts are these behaviour expectations needed.
  • What to do when someone breaches the code of conduct and child safe HR processes.

Who is this course for?

All organisations who engage with children and young people, or vulnerable adults.

DURATION: 1 hour
COMPLETION RULES: All units must be completed. Leads to a certificate with a duration of 2 years.


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Safeguarding Children

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