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How safe are your children?

The volunteer workforce and private businesses – how safe are your children?

Last year, Safeguarding Children collected 3,655 signatures of support for a petition (Amend the Children’s Act 2014 to protect children from abuse) which it plans to submit to government this year. The petition is demanding a review and amendments to the Children’s Act 2014 to broaden and strengthen its capacity to protect children from abuse within organisations and places children go.

New Zealand ranks 35th out of 41 developed countries for child wellbeing outcomes and a child dies every five weeks in New Zealand from family violence. In our view the child protection clauses in the Children’s Act 2014 are too narrow and weak to be effective and urgently need a review to better protect our children. With a new government having now been formed, we will be submitting this petition for their consideration and trust to see some much needed improvements made to this Act in 2024.

To understand more on the background of the importance of this petition, our Senior Consultant Ruth Browning wrote the article “The volunteer workforce and private businesses – how safe are your children?”. A social worker for 23 years, Ruth has a wide range of experience working with children, youth and their families in both non-government and government organisations. Ruth is passionate about creating healthier and safer communities where children and young people can thrive. This article highlights the need for legislation change.

Read Ruth’s article here.

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